Why use Polyurea

Because Polyurea solves problems!

Nukote Australia has been very successful at applying polyurea in the demanding and time critical environment of mining processing plant.  Any product failures could lead to expensive downtime and safety is absolutely critical.

Fast set polyureas and polyurethanes have revolutionised the protective coatings industry by providing an unmatched combination of toughness, flexibility, abrasion/chemical resistance and fast turnaround.

With physical properties such as elongation of up to 400%, gel times of under 10 seconds and the ability to apply to an unlimited thickness in a single application, they are truly remarkable.

Polyurea can be used over rubber, steel, aluminium, concrete, wood, fibreglass, foams and much more.  In most cases no primer is necessary.

If your traditional methods of painting, coating or lining just aren’t giving you the results that you need, then one of Nukote’s advanced polyurea systems may be your solution.

Nukote products cure within seconds so you can put your plant back into production sooner.

Nukote products cure at the same rate at 5C as they do at 35C so they can be applied in extreme conditions.

Photo by Vlad Chețan on Pexels.com