What we do

We abrasive blast and apply specialised fast set polyurea based products which are used to line, coat, refurbish and waterproof our client’s assets. We also have a full industrial painting service.

Nukote Australia offers a complete project specification service.  We can protect your assets either on your site, anywhere in Australia or overseas, or at our Perth or Kalgoorlie workshops.

Nukote’s applicators have experience spraying polyurea that is renowned around the world. We have developed a reputation and are specialists in the following applications:


Heavy Fuel Tank Linings


Thickener Linings



Screen Decks

CIL and Leach Tanks



Power Pole Protection

Other Applications

Nukote Polyurea has also been applied and proven in the following applications:

Marine – Hulls and Decks, Cargo Loading Areas, Buoys, Quays, Infrastructure, Tanks

Oil & Gas – Drill Casings, Float Cells, Pipe Linings, Basins, Tanks

Construction – Structural Steel, Plinths and Bases, Fireproofing, Tunnels, Bridges, Car Parks, Waterproofing, Insulation, Roofing

Power – Solar and Wind Farms, Waste Products

Government – Pipe Linings, Defence

Landfill Liners