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We are specialist applicators of fast set polyurea products which are used to line, coat, refurbish and waterproof critical assets and infrastructure. Our polyurea applicators have experience and expertise spraying polyurea that is renowned around the world.

Nukote Australia offers a complete project specification service. We can protect your assets on site, anywhere in Australia or overseas, or at our Perth or Kalgoorlie workshops.

Mineral Processing

Nukote polyurea is an ideal lining for the corrosive and abrasive conditions found within CIL tanks. As polyurea sets almost instantly in all ambient conditions, the CIL tanks can be returned to service within hours of completion of the lining:

  • Quicker overall project schedule means the tank is returned to the circuit sooner, decreasing loss of yield and saving money
  • Flexible membrane means that the lining does not crack
  • Fast cure means that the lining can be spark tested and returned to service directly after spraying is complete
  • Cure is unaffected by cold temperature
  • Any repairs or touch ups can be made without waiting for the liner to cure
  • Nukote polyurea is touch dry within seconds, regardless of ambient conditions.
  • Unlimited film build in a single application means that we can apply at a higher thickness at high abrasion/wear points e.g. around baffle supports
  • Higher abrasion resistance

Thickeners are a critical component of most mineral processing plants and frequently require repairs during shutdowns. Nukote polyurea is the ideal repair or lining material for concrete or steel thickeners:

  • Can be applied over existing coatings with suitable surface preparation
  • Repairs can be made during relatively short shutdown periods
  • Suitable to coat walls, fl oors, discharge cones, rake arms and rakes and to reseal joints
  • Flexible, fast curing, waterproof and tough

Launders and other flumes are typically subjected to highly abrasive and corrosive conditions due to the high speed flow of water borne solids. They frequently require patching or replacement.

Nukote Australia can abrasive blast and line launders within short shutdown periods. This is a very cost effective approach to launder maintenance.

  • Provide abrasion and corrosion resistant lining for launders
  • Fill existing minor holes with polyurea instead of welding patches
  • Fast process requires only short shutdown

Nukote have developed unique methods and expertise to line the shell of mills with polyurea instead of the traditional rubber system. Our process reduces the shutdown time required for a mill re-line by several days. Customers have testifi ed that a Nukote lined mill has less bolt breakages and maintenance issues than a rubber lined mill.

  • Applied and proven by Nukote Australia throughout Australia as well as in PNG, New Zealand and Kyrgyzstan
  • Saves several days on a typical mill re-line shutdown with potential saving of hundreds of thousands of dollars
  • Eliminates the racing and shell wear that occurs between seams on rubber shell lining
  • Lining resilience results in less bolt breakages and other mill failures
  • Repairable and recoatable in the event that damage occurs or the mill shell needs NDT inspection

A seamless Nukote polyurea lining is sprayed onto trommels as a superior alternative to rubber lining.

  • Nukote polyurea is hard wearing and seamless and can be applied at greater thickness in high wear areas
  • A Nukote polyurea lined trommel can be repaired in situ with a faster turn-around in maintenance / shutdown situations

Screen decks are sprayed with Nukote polyurea to protect the steel from abrasion and corrosion.

  • The tough but fl exible polyurea coating withstands impacts, flexing and chemical attack
  • Any damage can be repaired in situ and returned to service quickly

Hoppers, chutes and other plant which transfer materials often wear out due to a combination of abrasion and corrosion.

  • Nukote polyurea is applied inside the hopper to protect the steel from abrasion and outside the hopper to protect against external corrosion
  • The thickness of the lining can be increased in high wear or impact zones
  • Nukote polyurea will also reduce hang up, helping to maintain free flow of materials

Nukote polyurea provides a seamless, abrasion resistant lining to seal, repair and protect all elements of a float cell, including the stators.

  • Faster to apply and superior to rubber lining
  • Ideal for making repairs during a shut down

Nukote polyurea is applied as a bandage around the steel tank and concrete footing interface to form a boot seal.

  • Protects the concrete from chemical attack
  • Prevents ingress of corrosive liquids and salts under the tank which eliminates a major cause of tank floor corrosion

Nukote polyurea is frequently used to line, seal, remediate and protect concrete and steel tanks used to contain a wide variety of liquids.

  • Provides a tough, flexible, seamless, impermeable membrane which is tightly bonded to the tank wall and floor
  • High elongation allows for the tank to move and flex without cracking – epoxy tank linings have minimal elongation and will crack if the substrate moves
  • Excellent bond to concrete, steel and over PU sealants
  • Unlimited fi lm build allows additional product to be built up over degraded concrete or steel to remediate damaged surfaces
  • Resistant to a wide range of chemicals with test data as back up
  • Very fast surface preparation and coating process allows the tank to be returned to service far sooner than other coating systems.
  • Product gels and dries within seconds regardless of ambient

Effective containment of chemicals is of paramount importance. Nukote polyurea, applied into existing and new bunds, provides a number of benefits:

  • Forms a tough, seamless lining that seals the entire bund
    against leakage
  • Over 400% elongation means the bund retains its integrity
    if the substrate moves
  • Unlimited fi lm build means that degraded concrete can be “resurfaced” with polyurea
  • Fast application and cure rate



Nukote Australia has successfully applied Polyurea linings into over seven hundred rail wagons used for transporting minerals.

  • Nukote ST Polyurea has proved to be highly effective in providing protection from abrasion, corrosion and reducing “hang up”
  • Utilising the Nukote ST Polyurea system extends the life of the new or used rail wagons considerably, providing significant savings on repair and replacement
  • With two year maintenance inspection intervals, replacement of steel panelling on rail wagons caused by corrosion and abrasion can be eliminated

Other Applications