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Heavy Fuel Oil Tank – Internal Lining

Oil & Gas

Industry: GOLD PROCESSING  Project: Heavy Fuel Oil Tank – Internal Lining  System: Interzone 485 – Ultra High Build Epoxy 1.5 – 2.0 mm.

Applying UHB (Ultra High Build) coatings in a tropical environment requires the correct equipment, professional applicators and specialised experience. […]LEARN MORE

Oil and Gas – Riser Module Painting

Oil & Gas

Riser Buoyancy Modules Matrix Composites had the enviable problem of a high volume of orders with adequate production capacity […]LEARN MORE

Oil and Gas – Drill Casings

Oil & Gas

Drill Casings The project involves abrasive whip blasting followed by application of Nukote ST pure polyurea in a two colour […]LEARN MORE