Applications – Mining


Nukote Australia are the experts at applying fast set polyurea into mining applications.This gives massive benefits and cost savings to Australia’s Mining Companies

Typical Applications:

CIL and Leach TanksOre WagonsConcrete Bund liners
Thickener liningLaundersChutes
Ball and SAG Mill ShellsProcess Water TanksChemical Tanks
Structural SteelPlinths and BasesFloat Cells
TrommelsScreen decksUnderground Equipment
Man CagesPipe liningDump Trucks
Shutdown Work

Properties & Benefits of Polyurea

Gel time of under 10 seconds and fast cure at all ambient conditionsFast return to service and less down time at any time of year
Unlimited film build in one applicationCan be applied at the right thickness in one coat and can resurface damaged substrate
High elongationCan withstand substrate movement, flexing, vibration and impacts
High abrasion resistanceProtects steel and concrete from abrasion for longer. Very high abrasion resistant formulation (Nukote HAR) is available
Good chemical resistanceCan withstand a range of chemicals, acids and bases. Higher acid resistant formulation (Nukote XT Plus) is available
Direct to Metal applicationNo need to prime so the preparation and application process is faster
Good temperature range – up to 80oC immersed and 140oC drySuitable for a wider range of applications
Good adhesion to prepared surfacesProduct will not disbond

Nukote Australia offers specific solutions to problems encountered in Mining.

Nukote Australia have worked for some of the larger Australian mining companies throughout Australia, if you are involved in the mining industry and are experiencing problems with corrosion, abrasive wear or chemical erosion, then we can help to solve this – and have probably already solved this for others in the past. We can prepare and line your assets either at your site or at our premises with a Nukote poly liner selected for your application.

If you have a mining related application you and you would like to speak with someone then please contact us