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Nukote Australia is an exclusive applicator of the Nukote Global range of advanced polyurea coating systems in Australia and is the most experienced polyurea applicator in the mining industry in Western Australia. Nukote Australia is a specialist contractor focused on the application of polyurea and industrial coatings.

Our Services


Nukote has over 15 years of mining experience including shutdowns, tank refurbishment projects, conveyor belt repairs and ongoing maintenance solutions.


Nukote Australia has successfully applied polyurea linings into thousands of rail wagons used for transporting raw materials. Nukote linings have excellent abrasion resistant characteristics that significantly extend the service life of transport assets.


Nukote FireStop system has been used on over 120,000 timber utility poles. This is the only product to achieve an “Excellent” grading in “ENA Pole Fire Testing”.

Multiple Applications

Nukote Australia has successfully applied high quality long lasting polyurea coatings in many industries including, Marine, Oil and Gas, Construction, Power Generation and Government sectors.

Leading the coatings revolution

In the protective coatings industry, polyurea provides a combination of strength, flexibility, abrasion/chemical resistance and fast turnaround. With physical properties such as elongation of up to 400%, gel times of under 10 seconds and the ability to apply an unlimited thickness in a single application, the technology is unmatched. Polyurea can be used to coat steel, aluminium, concrete, wood, fibreglass, foams and much more.

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